Vintage Chic Table Inspiration
April 30, 2010

As promised, it’s tablescape #2 of 4 from beautiful Ponte Family Estate in Temecula. We call this one “Vintage Chic.” I look at this photo and everything about it makes me happy. I love the various textures and the way the florals pop. Simply beautiful….but how did we put it all together? We began by taking one look at this linen from Fusion and knowing we had to use it for the tablescape.

Check out the detailed trim and beading on the overlay.

Jessica (Jessica Elizabeth Photography) and I love to shop. We found these plates and knew they would compliment our linen perfectly. I fell in love with the contrast of the copper brown charger between the plates and overlay. 

Admittedly, I was not excited about the inner corners of the chargers showing, so Kelly of The Olive Rose came to the rescue with some lovely feathers.

We wanted to add some fun items to tie the entire look together. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this vase? I love it so much that I paid full price even though it had a huge crack down the back. Upon purchase, I sent a text to Kelly and told her we needed to add some fun white feathers for the vase. As you can see,she delivered on that vision.

Another piece I simply couldn’t part with…I kept if for my own collection.

What girl does not love a brooch? So many uses – place them on the napkins for your head table, pin them on your bridal bouquet,or tie them in with your hairpiece/veil.

The gorgeous florals consisted of hellebores, thistle, hypericum, mini cymbidium orchids, & amnesia and leonida roses.  

Can you believe Kelly designed these beautiful arrangements by only reading texts and emails? I think that clearly shows a higher level of talent.

I love Peacock feathers, but I would have never guessed how amazing they would look with the soft florals Kelly selected. The design is so romantic.

Notice the copper and aqua beads? I almost didn’t pick those up, but for some reason I couldn’t get them out of my head. A tiny detail, but now that I see them in the photo I think they were well worth the 15 minute stop.

So you’re planning your own wedding? This photo makes you happy but you’re not sure how to put it all together? Rest assured you don’t need to replicate each element. Select a few items you love and build upon them. Maybe you learned you love peacock feathers mixed with soft florals, or perhaps you want to incorporate a brooch. OR could it be the aqua-copper combination that you love? Whatever it is, I hope this tablescape is a source of inspiration in planning your own wedding. Happy planning!

A special thank you to Robert and Jessica of Jessica Elizabeth Photography for these gorgeous photos.

And a big thank you to Kelly Manson of The Olive Rose for designing these lovely florals.

Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events

Tablescape at Ponte Winery-Rustic Vineyard Elegance
April 4, 2010

I had the pleasure of working on four tablescapes with the talented Kelly Manson of The Olive Rose. I’m a huge fan of Kelly’s floral designs, so this was an exciting collaboration. Below is one of four tablescapes we worked on at breathtaking Ponte Winery in Temecula. We call this tablescape, Rustic Vineyard Elegance.

Thank you to the talented Jessica and Robert of Jessica Elizabeth Photography for taking these magnificent photos!

The underlay consists of a silver charmeuse satin linen. To convey that rustic feeling, we placed a chocolate charmeuse satin linen on top and left it blowing in the wind…..a bit crooked too. Yes, we did that on purpose to achieve just the right look! To compliment, silver cushions were placed on fruitwood chiavari chairs. A very special thank you to Fusion for the beautiful linens.

Notice how Kelly used a mixture of Leonida, Black Bacara and Black Velvet Roses to make the table pop with color against the chocolate linen. I borrowed that embroidered lamp from my parents’ home. I saw it and couldn’t resist. I think it fits in just perfectly!

The napkins are a chocolate pintuck. Resting on top is one of my custom favor boxes that I love to make for brides looking for something a little more original to match their decor/color schemes.

Oh yeah, these are my very favorite charger plates! I love them so much, I keep them on my table at home all the time. You never know when an unexpected guest will stop by; I believe your table should always look great for entertaining.

Don’t you think this would be the perfect setting for a proposal? All you guys thinking about about getting engaged, give me a call. I’d love to arrange a romantic setting for you and your soon to be fiance.


Check back soon for another one of our tablescapes…..see you then!

Kerry Pulverman
de Luxe Weddings & Events

Cakes To Celebrate
January 25, 2010

You learn something new every day. Today I learned not all cakes are created equal. This afternoon, I had the honor of joining one of my favorite couples in Temecula for their cake tasting. Christina and Alfred are the type of couple you could spend hours on end with and have a ton of fun! I feel incredibly blessed to be working with such an amazing couple on their upcoming wedding at Wilson Creek Winery.      

Aren't they a cute couple?



With only three months to go until ‘I Do,’ it was time for Christina and Alfred to select the cake of their dreams. I always advise my couples to go to more than one cake tasting. This way they have something to compare against and can truly enjoy the experience. I met up with the couple around 1PM and by then, they had already gone to one cake tasting where they were not exactly sold on the experience. Yes, even the entire cake tasting experience can be a huge selling point when deciding on your dream wedding cake.       

As the three of us sipped our lattes at a local Starbucks awaiting our meeting with the cake designer, we discussed how optimistic we were about this meeting. One of the onsite wedding coordinators at Ponte Winery tipped me off to these stellar cakes created by Debbie McLaughlin. I was told these cakes were to die for and that I absolutely have to try Cakes To Celebrate!       

My bride also had a great feeling from the minute she talked over the phone with the owner. Christina even knew the exact flavors we would be tasting. Now if you haven’t done your cake tasting yet, you should know most bakeries will not allow you to taste the flavors of your choice. For that, you would need to purchase a cake or mini cake slice. If you give it some thought, it makes perfect sense.  First, a quality bakery will never freeze their cake, as it completely distorts the taste. If you take the number of tastings in a week, multiplied by the requests of each couple, plus the fact that only a small amount is used in a cake tasting, that would be a lot of cake going to waste. So, it makes perfect sense you never really get the option to choose. So, when Christina told me she was excited because all the flavors she wanted to sample would be provided, I was pleasantly shocked.       

Upon greeting us warmly, the three of us got down to some serious business with the owner of Cakes To Celebrate. Debbie brought out four trays loaded with undecorated mini cupcakes and quite a few containers filled with various scrumptious cake fillings. Providing mini cupcakes for sampling cake is a fabulous idea because it allows the couple to taste the flavors they are particularly interested in for their wedding cake.       


Today we were sampling all of Christina’s favorites. Cake flavors included, White Almond Champagne, Chocolate Almond Champagne, French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Fudge. The fillings included Coconut Pecan, Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Bavarian Cream, White Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse.       


Let me tell you, all of us were in heaven sampling these cakes! The cake is incredibly moist and delicious. This is attributed to Debbie using champagne from the local wineries as part of the ingredients. Yes, champagne in your cake! So, if you are a fan of the Almond Champagne from Wilson Creek Winery or the Pineapple Champagne from Maurice Carrie Winery, then you can have your cake and eat it too!  The fillings are equally delicious when paired with the cakes. It was difficult to decide but my favorite fillings were the Vanilla Bavarian Cream and Coconut Pecan.       


One filling I would love to try is the Tiramisu Filling; that has to be wonderful.       

Taste alone is not what sets Cakes To Celebrate apart. The designs are like no other. Debbie has always loved baking and was pretty good at her designs, but she wanted to become even better. Therefore, she hopped a plane and flew all over the world learning from some of her favorite cake designers in the industry. Let me tell you, learning directly from these pros was the best form of education. Just check out some of these beauties!  Are you a bride that loves damask? You will love this cake!        


  Are you  looking for a cake that picks up some of the delicacy of your wedding gown? Yes, Debbie can create that too! Just check out this cake that surely was inspired by a bridal gown.       

Love that cake jewelry brooch!


 Debbie views each cake as art, and wants you to be happy with the entire end product, therefore she works closely with your floral designer and takes much care in the application of the flowers on your cake. The type of cake stands she uses are innovative because they are made in such a way that they actually support the cake in transfer from the bakery to your venue. For this reason, she prefers that you use her cake stands. Therefore she does not charge you for the rental of the stand. Yes, this includes that cake stands adorned with crystals around the base. That truly is the icing on the cake!       

Check out my favorite cake creation by Debbie. When she showed up at the venue to set up this cake, everyone labeled it as “The Cake of the Year”. Just one look and I’m sure you are in agreement.       

You've just got to love all that bling!!!


The best part of the tasting was hearing Alfred reflect on the entire experience, noting he had a good time and he felt the tasting was exactly how he thought a cake tasting for your wedding cake should be. Debbie, thank you for providing my couple with an amazing experience they will forever remember. Christina and Alfred, thank you for including me on your cake tasting with Cakes to Celebrate. I had a blast with the two of you and I can’t wait to see your amazing wedding cake. I just know it’s going to be gorgeous!       

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Cakes to Celebrate  to discuss creating the wedding cake of your dreams, you can contact Debbie at 888.522.4996. You can view a sampling of her cake menu and more of her designs at       

Check back soon within the next few months as I unveil something very unique that Debbie will be releasing very shortly. I promise you will be impressed!

My New Year’s Resolution
January 14, 2010

I made several resolutions for the new year, and one of them was to get my own blog up and running. One new year’s resolution down and only four more to go! 

The second part of that resolution? To write a blog every week. As some of you might already know, I’ve been the wedding blog writer for Ponte Winery for some time now. I’ve enjoyed that role but have longed for my own blog. I will still continue to write for this amazing venue, however this is where all of my blogs will post regularly and some will reappear on the Ponte Winery wedding blog, Wedding Vines.

My third resolution? To get a professional camera so I can upload cool photos to go along with each post. Photogs….any advice on what this newbie should purchase? Hmmm…..tough decison! I came to the realization that I can’t have an amazing photographer with me everywhere I go….so the next best thing would be to get a professional camera and try my very best. Just the other day I was sitting with a bride chatting about her wedding over cupcakes and all I wanted to do was take a picture of the beautifully frosted creation! So, I have no choice, a professional camera is resolution number 3.

I will save resolution 4 and 5 for another time. In the meantime, I thank you for following me on my journey and I look forward to meeting up with all of you each week =)