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Escort/Place Card Planning Tip      

Are you planning on using various colored rhinestones for your escort/place cards? You know what I mean, right? Using your wedding colors, you can select rhinestones to denote what entrée each guest will receive. For example, a hot pink rhinestone might represent beef and a black rhinestone might represent fish.        

Looks like Jessica will be having the Filet Mignon tonight..Yum Yum!


Just think how beautiful this will look in your own wedding colors! It will surely look elegant but, have you thought everything through?      

Rhinestones are pretty fragile so you most likely will have the problem of rhinestones popping off somewhere in transport from your home to the venue. How do you resolve this problem?      

  1. You can pick up rhinestones in various colors at your local Michaels or various craft stores.
  2. Make sure you have a few extra rhinestones in each color to be used as back-ups.
  3. Purchase markers which match each colored rhinestone.
  4. In the corresponding color, place a dot on each escort/place card before attaching the rhinestone.

Why? If the rhinestone falls off, your wedding planner will be able to tell which color rhinestone is missing and can easily replace the rhinestone with the extras you have provided. Problem solved!      

Thank you to Jessica Elizabeth Photography for the cute photograph!

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