Yes, this is The Dress!

Trying to find the perfect wedding gown to wear on your special day can be a challenge but when you find your dream gown, it’s well worth it. You know it’s THE DRESS when you don’t want to take it off and you feel compelled to continue staring in the mirror. This was just the case when I accompanied one of my bride’s for her fitting at The White Dress. I’ve been wanting to post these photos for a while but had to wait until after the wedding to make sure her fiance (now husband) would not get a peek of my bride in her amazing Amy Michelson wedding gown before wedding day.           


Practicing some first dance moves.

The darling Maid of Honor with the bride. Looking forward to that wedding too!

That is the smile of a happy bride!

 Check out that smile! The bridal consultant asked her if she could wrap up her dress to take home and my bride said…..”I need some more time. I can’t take it off just yet. Could you check back in a little bit?”        

Check out the sparkly shoes!!

Ladies, if you can’t take the dress off at the store AND you  are smiling from ear to ear, then this is a sign that you have found THE DRESS! Happy Dress Shopping!!        

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  1. I am so excited to be in your blog! I have such wonderful memories of that day, even though I had to eventually take the dress off 🙂 Love that picture of me and Jessica! Thanks for documenting it.

    P.S. It is a fabulous wedding coordinator who comes and shares these moments with their brides!

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